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Create a Ten-Step Value Scale

Improve Your Ability to See and Create Accurate Values

Use my ten-step value scale template to create your own value scale from one of the colors on your watercolor palette. This is an excellent exercise for your improving your value awareness.

By completing this exercise you learn how to compare relative values and create a scale where each step in the scale is equally distant from the surrounding steps. This process takes very careful observation skills. You also gain essential skills in mixing and painting accurate values with a single pigment.

Download my value scale template here –

value scale template by Kris DeBruine Studio
A ten step value scale created with Neutral Tint.
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Watercolor is “sunshine captured and held”
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Sable or Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes: Which Should I Choose?

Watercolor brushes can be made from weasel, squirrel, ox, goat, rabbit or pony hair. There are so many varieties of types and shapes of brushes it can be bewildering to the beginning watercolor artist.

In this video, I explain the differences between some of the most common and popular types of brushes.

To learn more about watercolor paper and other essential supplies for the watercolor artist, check out my free online course at:

I have other free watercolor resources on my website. Take a look here:

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Affordable 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper

Do you ever find yourself hesitant to start your painting, because you are worried about “wasting” your expensive watercolor paper? You are not alone. That is a common feeling.

In this video, I recommend an affordable student grade paper, that is made from 100% cotton rag. The quality of the paper is similar to much more expensive artist grade (i.e. professional) paper.

Baohong Student grade watercolor paper comes in Rough, Cold Press and Hot Press textures. It can be purchased in blocks and loose sheets.

To learn more about this affordable cotton paper, check out my video review.

To learn more about watercolor paper and other essential supplies for the watercolor artist, check out my free online course at:

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Learn From a Master Watercolor Artist: John Yardley

Watercolor Book Review

In this video, I offer a detailed review of the book John Yardley – a personal view: Watercolor. In this book you will learn about John Yardley’s background and early influences in watercolor. You will get a glimpse into some of his techniques and practices as a highly respected watercolor artist.

This has quickly become one of my favorite books on watercolor. I highly recommend it. John Yardley is a master of impressionist and loose watercolor paintings of every day life. I think you will love his work.

To learn more about this book see:

Are you looking for more great watercolor books? I have compiled a list of watercolor books that I highly recommend. You can download this free resource from my website at:

Video Review:

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Intimidated by Portraits? You Can Paint This!

Paint a Portrait of a Young Man

In this video, I paint a portrait of a young man in watercolor. I demonstrate the complete, step by step process so you can follow along. This is a great tutorial for beginners to watercolor.

You can find the reference image that I used for this painting on Unsplash at: Thanks to Albert Dera for this quality portrait photograph.

Step-by-Step Watercolor Tutorial

Additional Resources:

I use the following Daniel Smith watercolors in this painting:

  • Napes Yellow –
  • Pyrrol Red –
  • Raw Sienna –
  • Cobalt Blue –
  • Neutral Tint –
  • Burnt Umber –
  • Lavender –
  • ** I earn a small commision from the affiliate links above. But you do not pay a penny more. Thanks for supporting my content creation in this way. ~ Kris

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Which is the BEST Brush – Princeton Aqua Elite or Neptune?

I use Princeton Watercolor Brushes in my watercolor studio. I love both the Aqua Elite and the Neptune Series. However, I am often asked which of these two brush types are the BEST? I answer that question in this video. I also give my recommendation of three great brush purchases for the beginning watercolor artist.

To learn more about the three brushes I recommend in this video, check out these links:

  • Princeton Neptune Quill #6 –
  • Princeton Aqua Elite Round #12 –
  • Princeton Aqua Alite Long Round #8 –

I earn a small commission from the affiliate links above but you don’t pay a penny more. Thank you for supporting my content creation in this way. ~Kris

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The Use And Care Of A Porcelain Watercolor Palette

I highly recommend using a porcelain palette in your watercolor studio. In this video, I review a few tips for the care and use of a porcelain watercolor palette.

In this video, I am using my Stephen Quiller Porcelain palette. If you would like to learn more about the colors I have on this palette, download my free color chart available at:

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Best Way to Store Watercolor Paint Tubes

Inside Kris DeBruine Studio

In this video I share a tip for storing your watercolor paint tubes. I explain the benefits of storing your paint tubes upright in this plastic organizer. This paint storage method keeps your paint colors organized and will eliminate paint leaks. This is an inexpensive and convenient solution for storing your watercolor paint tubes.

To purchase the lipstick organizer reviewed in this video, follow this link: Affiliate link proceeds go towards supporting the content creation of this channel. You don’t pay a penny more! Thanks in advance.

Would you like to paint a color wheel like the one you see in my studio. Download the template here:

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