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Teaching Watercolor Online

Free watercolor courses

More and more students have been signing up for my free and premium online watercolor courses. My most popular course is called Getting Started in Watercolor. It is the perfect place to start if you are completely new to watercolor and need guidance and recommendations for choosing supplies, including paper, paints, brushes and palettes.

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How to Mix Turquoise in Watercolor

Turquoise can be a difficult color to mix. It lives somewhere between blue and green, but also has hints of yellow. In this video, I share four valuable recipes for mixing this elusive color using common pigments on your watercolor palette.

To assist you in creating these turquoise watercolor mixes, I have created a free chart that shows all four recipes. The chart includes paint names, pigment numbers and color swatches, so you can compare your mixes with mine. Please download the chart here:

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A New Color on my Palette – Indanthrone Blue

Indanthrone Blue

Indanthrone blue by Daniel Smith (PB60) is a beautiful, dark, warm blue that has excellent lightfastness. It is non-granulating, medium staining and transparent. It mixes with a variety of yellows to make rich, beautiful greens.

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